Dorothy, Blanch, Sophia, and Rose may be coming to a toy store near you!

The hit 1980s television show has spawned an almost cult-like following, and has created merchandise like t-shirts, lunchboxes, and more. This may however be the coolest thing yet if you are a fan of the snowbirds in Miami! The Golden Girls Legos!

Lego issued a statement saying, "As a fan-made set, The Golden Girls Legos will become official merchandise if 10,000 fans show their support at the Lego Ideas site. Then, if the set passes tests for playability and safety, and fits into Lego’s brand, the creator will see The Golden Girls immortalized in tiny plastic — and get a cut of any royalties."

The creator of the idea has 344 days to get the idea on the table, and he needs 10,000 votes for Lego to take him seriously. You can log on to the Lego Ideas site, and vote as often as you like. I myself, being a big kid, have already logged about 1,000 votes! OK, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but I can't help but wonder if I stare at the Lego set on my shelf long enough, if I will hear Rose's stories of St. Olaf!

Thank you for being a friend!

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