The news is always filled with stories of "bad guys" wreaking havoc. The Lone Star State is no exception. We have plenty of salacious headlines to go around. This constant flood of news regarding "bad guys and illegal acts" leads me to wonder...

What's the most sentenced federal crime in Texas? The answer might surprise you.

It's A Race Between Drugs And Immigration

I found some interesting sources with information regarding both 2021, and 2022. Information for 2023 isn't available yet for reasons that I hope are abundantly obvious. If not, I'll clue you in.

We're still living out 2023. Come back in a year and we'll update you.

In 2021, federal drug crimes actually surpassed immigration crimes in Texas. In that year, drug crimes made up 31.3% of the total caseload. Immigration offenses took up 29.6%.

So, what about 2023?

Immigration Offenses Are The Most Common

In 2022, drug offenses took a back seat, once again, to immigration. In 2022, immigration offenses took up 32.74% of federal sentences, per 100,000 people.

Drug offenses came in second.

It makes sense, considering that Texas sits directly on the border with another nation. Immigration offenses being the top federal crime would be harder to imagine in a place like Kansas.

What Other Federal Crimes Are Common In Texas?

There are other types of crimes besides just those related to drugs and immigration. Other types of crimes that are common are firearms offenses, and fraud.

Firearms offenses are usually the third most common type of offense, followed closely by fraud.

Looking through the different studies and information available, you also have to keep in mind that an individual case may carry more than one type of offense. Some of them seem to go hand in hand; for instance drug trafficking and firearms offenses.

Texas Crime Statistics By City

Check to see how crime compares in your city versus elsewhere.

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