Last year Granger Smith and his band left South Austin on a 100 mile trek to Fort Hood in combat boots to show support for our military men and women.

Today they are doing it again. This time with Governor Rick Perry tagging along.

This just in, Texas Governor Rick Perry will be joining Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and Country Music artist Granger Smith today as he kicks off his 2nd Annual 100 Mile Walk.

There are some Americans who understand and appreciate the price our military pays and the sacrifices they make.

For them it's a part of who they are. And whether it's innately a part of you or you were taught by parents and grand parents who understood first -- if you get it you'll always get it.

And then there are people who don't understand it and never will.

However he acquired his understanding, Granger get's it. And he called into Radio Texas Live last night to tell us about his walk and ended up giving us all a much needed lesson in respect, patriotism and honor.

Next Granger tells us about "That's What I Do With It", his new single that he is releasing in conjunction with his 100 mile walk and we debut it, check it out.

There are so many good people in this world, folks that have the best of intentions and all the desire in the world to do good. But for some reason or another just never get around to it. Then there are people who actually lace up their boots and do it.

I was a soldier. I deployed twice to Iraq. And even with that being a part of me, I fall in the first category. I have ideas and I think about helping, but don't ever seem to pull the trigger. Thankfully there's people in that second category that remind us and pull us back on track. People like Granger Smith.

Watch the video for "That's What I Do With It" below, then click here and make your pledge today. Or if you'd like more information check out this link.