The final movie in the 'Hangover' trilogy doesn't come out until tomorrow, but somehow I got the opportunity to see it two days before it's official release. For some reason critics have been giving the movie a bad review, but as a movie goer I can't understand why. So, I'm giving you five reasons you need to see The Hangover Part III. Listen to my review, not theirs.

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    The Entire Original Cast Is Back, Almost

    The chemistry of the original cast is part of what made the movie so great. They ditched some of the best characters in the second movie, but went back to their roots for the final movie. Aside from Mike Tyson, just about everyone from the original movie is back, even Black Doug who started this whole mess. WB definitely did something right by hiring this cast.

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    Baby Carlos Isn't A Baby Anymore

    Everyone's favorite misplaced baby is back and just as adorable as before. Carlos, aka Tyler, is played by Grant Holmquist who co-stared with his baby sister as Carlos from the original film. The scenes between Alan and his long lost son Carlos are definitely heart warming. They did good by reuniting the two.

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    Zach Galifinakis + Melissa McCarthy Are A Dream Team

    Zach Galifinakis is considered one of entertainments best funnymen, while Melissa McCarthy is one of the industry's best funny ladies. Put the two of them together in a pawn shop sharing candy, is a comedy lovers dream.

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    Alan Finally Becomes A Man

    Okay, while that probably isn't completely possible, Alan's character transforms in this film. While he is still the oblivious and quirky Alan that we all love, he takes that quirkiness to a, dare I say, more mature level in this film.

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    It's Freaking Hilarious As Always

    While nothing can compare to the original, this installment of the Hangover franchise ties as my favorite. It has a few surprises here and there, the situations the wolf pack faces are hysterical and pushes these characters to the limit, and Alan is just ridiculous.

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