With so many great and growing cities, i.e. Austin, TX or Dallas, TX, Texas has a wonderful reputation as a perfect place to raise a family. And while there are certainly more people moving into Texas cities than leaving, there are families leaving too. Ever wonder where they move to?

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Living in Texas is special, while we do have to battle traffic congestion in some of our big cities more than we'd like to, it tends to even out as we also have plenty of wide open spaces.

The Lone Star State is home of the best BBQ joints, we've got parks to play, more and more coffee shops everyday, a somewhat shielded economy, and plenty of oilfield and medical work. This is why so many families and young professionals call Texas home.

If you're into sports, we've got sports. The Texas Rangers are the '23 World Series Champions, the Houston Astros are in the mix every year. We've got Luka in Dallas and the future of the NBA in Victor Wembanyama in San Antonio. And the whole world knows that the Dallas Cowboys are America's Team, plus right now Dak is playing out of his mind.

But, where do people move to when they leave? It's actually pretty interesting. It would seem most people who leave don't go too far, many opt to stay in states right around Texas, but some do spread their wings and fly... to California.

Stacker compiled a list of where people in Texas are moving to most using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. States are ranked by the number of people that have moved from Texas in 2019.

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Texas is a wonderful place to raise a family, that's why my wife and I are doing it. And while there are certainly more people moving Texas cities i.e. Austin, TX and Dallas, TX, than leaving, there are families leaving too.

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