If you’ve lived in East Texas as long as I have, all my life, there are some things that define living here.These are just five examples caught on video and uploaded to Tiktok.

First of all, let me say that I love living and working in East Texas. I was born in Longview, raised in White Oak, went to Kilgore Community College, and moved to Tyler for my first full time radio gig. I’m an East Texan through and through.

With that in mind, know that I’m sharing these all in good fun. If you have been here all of your life like me, then it’s quite possible you’ve encountered some of theses things at least once in your life if not several times.

I didn’t think mullets would make a comeback, and yet here we are. In fact, let’s start with that one. Tiktok creator, harlibrent shares a video that shows young men wearing shorts, boots and sporting baseball caps and mullets and captions it: ‘tell me you’re from etx without telling me you’re from etx.’ She nailed it.

Next, only in east texas, will you see a ghost tractor driving across the highway. Now, is there really a ghost driving the tractor? That’s up for debate, but there is absolutely a driverless tractor cruising across the highway, with traffic stopped both ways and a local officials working the scene.

Then we have that time when a cow got loose at the East Texas State Fair and charged through the crowd with a man in jeans and boots chasing it down. This video is also appropriately captioned with: ‘Only in East Texas does a cow get out at the fair.’

Next, has anyone else seen a man walking his pig along the side of the road? I believe theres a dog and a pig in this video. Only in East Texas.

Finally, you know you grew in East Texas if when you visit a Mexican restaurant you know to add the squeeze butter on the table to your salsa. This Tiktok is also labeled accurately: ‘POV: You’re from ETX.’

Which of these have you experienced first hand? Or have you encountered all of these East Texas sightings?

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