If you guessed Beaver Nuggets from Buc-ee's that is incorrect. When you’re talking about the top comfort foods in the state of Texas it’s easy to assume it’s a snack from Buc-ee's or maybe something from H-E-B or possibly Whataburger. But all of those answers are incorrect. How about peach cobbler or pecan pie, nope, none of those answers came in at number one. So, what is the number one comfort food in Texas? 

The list of the top comfort food for each state was put together by a website devoted to all things food, it’s called Mashed. They offer information on the best and worst things to order when you’re visiting your favorite restaurant and also give you information on any new trends or popular things going on with some of the most popular chefs.  

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So Many Great Comfort Foods to Choose From 

While I love to eat and enjoy talking about food, I could never decide on a list like this because there are just too many options. Especially when we are talking about the state of Texas. We have such a variety of food options making it almost impossible to only choose one. 

So, What is the Top Comfort Food for Texas 

According to Mashed the number one comfort food in the state of Texas is Chili con carne. It was easy for cowboys and settlers to make and transport which is part of the reason that helped the dish claim the top spot.  

Do you think the food website picked correctly? 

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