I've got several friends either currently living in or originally from Kansas City, so my thoughts were on them when news broke earlier this week that western Missouri had been hit by severe storms, including tornadoes.

As the story developed and pictures popped up showing the damage caused by an EF-3 twister that struck Oak Grove, just 25 miles outside the KC city limits, I couldn't help but think back to May 1997, when I lived in Austin & three tornadoes, including an EF-5, swept through parts of both Travis & Williamson Counties.  Jarrell & Cedar Park took the worst of those storms, which caused 29 deaths & $20-million in damage.

East Texans talk about the big storm in Tyler that occurred on April 29th 2011, where funnel clouds turned into a multi-vortex tornado. If you recall this storm, please share what you remember about the ominous dark cloud seen below that turned into much more.

Check out this footage from a tornado storm in Lindale in 2016 as well!

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