Tractors are cool! As a kid I would ride on the tractor with my Dad. On a good day I would even get to drive! Now kid's what I'm about to share with you should NEVER be tried at home. But my brothers ans sister we would even ride in the tractor bucket! Don't judge, this was in the the days when automobiles didn't even have seat belts in them! And we all drove around in those.Speaking of tractors, join KNUE Saturday morning from 1o-11 at AG Powers on Hwy 155 in Tyler for a huge John Deere tractor summer closeout sale! Now they got the tractors! Oh,  I'll also give you a chance to win a pair of Brantley Gilbert tickets for the November 12th show at Electric Cowboy! Click here to purchase tickets at

Stop by my live remote and maybe we can take a ride on a John Deere!

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