You've probably heard about Trade Days in Canton, maybe it's something that you've always wanted to visit, it's something you should definitely put on your bucket list. This past weekend Savannah and I got some coffee and took the short drive to Canton on Saturday morning. While spending the day shopping doesn't always sound like the most fun way to spend my weekend, this was much more than I ever expected.

Upon arrival in Canton there were parking lots available in numerous locations, all costing the same price which is $5 per vehicle. Remember to bring water if going in the summertime like we did. Trade Days is free to attend and the vendors go on forever, or it feels that way.

We were looking for items for our new home but no matter what you were shopping for you could find it in Canton.

Trade Days in Canton is Fun For Kids of All Ages

You will find everything from home décor to clothing to guns and ammunition. There is homemade salsas, sauces, and other goods from talented locals. While I wasn't shopping for anything specific all of the different food items made my day better. Especially when I stopped for a jumbo corn dog!

Our Unexpected Favorite Purchase of the Day at Trade Days in Canton

Savannah and I didn't have anything specific we wanted to purchase but found a few cool items. The one item we both really liked was a "Lazy Susan" to sit on the middle of a table, yeah, sounds kinds weird to be excited about. But this was handmade out of a Jack Daniels barrel from the distillery. It has the markings on it, it really is a cool item. I never thought I would be excited to spend money on this but Trade Days in Canton made it happen.

Check out just a few of the booths you can see at Trade Days:

Adventure Shopping Trade Days in Canton

Here is just a small preview of Trade Days in Canton the World's Largest Flea Market

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