Over the last few months (and pretty much since its inception), complaints about TxTag, EZTag and TollTag have been in abundance. As of late, news reporters and the general public have taken to social media regarding issues with Pay By Mail. You can check out the long list of toll complaints on Facebook here.

The latest rising issue with Texas tolls is that customers are receiving bills even though they have a TxTag. KVUE reported earlier in July that their very own Amber Downing received a bill for $5.87, despite her having a TxTag that is fully paid. Many viewers mirrored her complaint about receiving unsolicited bills as well. What's the deal?

On Tuesday, July 18 the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) issued a statement on Facebook apologizing and explaining what's going on with the billing system.

According to the post, EZTag, TxTag and TollTag (Houston, Austin and Dallas toll authorities) are working to allow their tags to work with Kansas and multiple states in America.

During this time, the transfer of account information between the partnering toll authorities was delayed and, as a result, some customers were issued a Pay By Mail invoice and violations in error.

The toll agencies say they are fully aware of the issues and want to make it right. If you were billed and should not have been, contact your hometown toll agency to dispute your Pay by Mail invoice.

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