We first heard about these toll road billing issues a few weeks ago.  Now comes word that fixing the problem is proving to be more difficult than expected.  An official announcement from the Texas Department Of Transportation a few days ago states that "all Pay By Mail invoices and violations" will be suspended until the computer glitches can be resolved.

According to this story from Austin's KVUE-TV, TxDOT believes the billing discrepancies are connected to Texas' attempt to link up our state toll tags - TxTag, EZTag, and TollTag, so they'll work on toll roads in other parts of the country.  While they continue to troubleshoot it, no new charges will be accrued and any previously billed amounts during the impacted time frame will be waived.

According to the TxDOT statement, customers do not need to take any additional steps - all related billing & payment credits will be automatically adjusted. No comment about an estimated timeline for system repairs, other than they hope it won't be too much longer since the state's losing lots of revenue every day the suspension is still in place.

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