The fresh fruits and vegetables straight from East Texas farmers at the Tyler Farmer's Market are back! Your taste buds and belly will be happy to hear this news. Come out and support your local farmers and eat healthy. 

Straight from the farm foods are so very good for you. Supporting your local farmers does your heart good. So, there are no excuses to miss out on going to the Tyler Farmer's Market.

Don't believe me that farmer's market fruits and veggies are better for you? Sara Wilson, a registered dietician, is an expert on the subject. Here is what she had to say about it.

Farmer's markets can offer you a face to face farmer to shopper food purchasing experience. This personal interaction with your food grower has a lot of benefits.

1. You could try a new fruit or vegetable you maybe haven't even heard of. 

2. Farmers can give you great ideas of how to cook and prepare their fruit or vegetables. 

3. It gets your kids involved. They can learn about their food and have fun picking out the fruits and veggies they want to eat. 

Why not come out and give the Tyler Farmer's Market a try.

The market is located in the Broadway Square Mall parking lot (4850 Old Bullard Rd Tyler, Texas). It opened up May 18, but will have a grand opening on the first of June. Come out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for your local and best fruits and vegetables. From seven in the morning until three that afternoon, you can support your local farmers and our East Texas economy.

Also, don't miss their 30th anniversary on June 22. But, make sure you visit them before the end of the season on August 31st.

Want to join in on the fun? Contact the Tyler Farmer's Market for more details on how you can show off your produce.

Grab the kids, get some bags, hop in the car, and head on down to the Tyler Farmer's Market.