Tyler has something interesting and different planned tomorrow, Oct. 27, a Mindfulness Triathlon. This is one triathlon, I think I could finish!A traditional triathlon combines running, biking and swimming, but this one will include a run/walk, yoga and meditation. This is much more my speed!

I love practicing yoga, and I've been incorporating more walking and running into my days as well. Sometimes I carve out time to meditate. I'm much better at finishing mindful activities like journaling or coloring than sitting still, but that's why they call it a meditation practice, right? I'm practicing to get better at it!

I hope I'm not too late to participate in this new event, but I could be. I plan to reach out to the yoga studio, and see if they can find space for me to give this particular triathlon a go! With all of the activities going on in East Texas this weekend, it's difficult to choose just one or two to attend!



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