Who is the car mechanic in Tyler, Texas that people keep talking about because of their excellence?

Before I even begin, let it be known that this article was unsolicited. This was born out of something completely organic.

So far, I've not had to take my vehicle to a mechanic--at least not the one I'm currently driving. However, I have listened to several friends and family members lament over the concerns they have whenever they've found themselves in a position to need one.

So, ya know how challenging it can be to find the "right" doctor or lawyer? Well, it seems people can have quite a struggle when it comes to finding the "right" mechanic. And by right, in this case, we're referring to a business that is not only competent but excels in what they do. It also refers to a business that seeks to treat people fairly and charges for the work they do in a way that feels fair to the customer.

Perhaps that's why running across this post on a local social media page was intriguing.

It seems the lady who posted originally found all of those things with a mechanic in Tyler, Texas.

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This woman was somewhat new to the Tyler, TX area and expressed her concerns with trying to find the "right" mechanic in a new area. She is from Fort Worth, and her mechanic there said finding a "good" mechanic is easy. It's finding an "honest" mechanic that can be tricky. However, after her experience with Stewart's Donnybrook Automotive in Tyler, it seems she has found both.

She said of her experience that, after doing her research, she found the helpful folks confirmed what she'd thought might be wrong with her vehicle. (This lady must know her stuff.) What was even more stunning is that they gave her a quote that was HALF of what she was expecting. (How often does that happen, right?)

Even though, due to a broken valve, they ended up having to charge for the new part it still came out to be quite a bit less than she anticipated. She also wrote that she appreciates the fact they don't work on "commission" so there isn't the temptation to simply "add-on" service suggestions as we see in so many other places of business.

The people who commented on her post were leaving mostly quite positive reviews of this place, as well.

I thought you might find this helpful. We'll all eventually need to have our cars worked on. It's nice to know of one of the good and honest mechanics in our East Texas area.

Have you had any GREAT or AWFUL experiences with a mechanic or any business you'd like to share with the class? Let me know at tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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