As summer vacations are under way for many of you, Uber may be your choice of transportation to get to your excursions. Uber is also a great asset to get to and from on a daily basis as well.

In East Texas, getting up and down Broadway during peak times can be a huge frustration. How many times have you been stuck in stop and go traffic and thought "I wish I could fly over this?"

Well, Uber is working on just that. It's called Uber Air. It will begin service in several large cities in 2023, including Dallas, according to

The service is designed to get you from point A to point B while avoiding the super congested roadways below. Several "sky ports" will be constructed on top of skyscrapers for riders to take off or land.

The sky taxis will be all electric. Future plans include making these air rides available into the suburbs of cities.

This is all well and good but can we just skip this part and get the flying cars we were supposed to have twenty years ago.

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