Any time there's a large scale violent act such as the recent shootings in Las Vegas, security officials worry about some other deranged person attempting to replicate the event.  Two days prior to last Friday night's performance at Choctaw Casino's Durant Oklahoma location, headliner Dwight Yoakam found a post on his Facebook page threatening just that.

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According to the story first reported by Fox News 12 in Sherman, the message read:

You think the shooting in Las Vegas by Stephen Paddock was senseless and horrific? Your concert in Durant is next.

Choctaw police presence was noticeably increased before, during, & after the show, although at first officials claimed their additional manpower on the scene was a routine post-Vegas precaution.  It wasn't until the Monday after the concert that law enforcement confirmed the actual threat.  The FBI has now begun an investigation to try & track down the creator of the ominous message.

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