I walk my dog daily and as much as I wish that she could be an off-leash dog this time if the year I don't mind that she has to be on a leash every time we step outside. I have seen a dog get stung by a bee and luckily Benadryl can fix that real quick. However, a snake bite? The thought of that terrifies me to no end.

Do you know what to do if your dog gets bitten by a snake? Besides screaming your head off of course. Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners don't make it to the hospital in time. If you are at work and leave your dog out your dog could get bitten and you not realize it until 8 hours later. Scary right?

According to WSB TV 2 out of Houston, many vets don't carry anti-venom and the anti-venom is over $100 per dose. Hopefully, that is your sobering thought to check the area that you let your dog play in.

According to Tpwd.Texas.gov we are well into the mating season. The website said, "Mating season is in the spring (February to early May), shortly after leaving winter dens; and fall (August to October) with fertilization delayed until following spring.". 

The good news is you can prevent your dog from getting bitten by a copperhead.

Here are some things you should check out if you have a dog:

  • Keep your pet on a short leash, not off-leash, or on a retractable lead. Most bites occur when the pet is far from its owner.
  • If you go out for a hike, pick wide trails over narrow ones.
  • Clean up that yard. Keep that grass short. Get rid of brush and rock piles.
  • Make your place rodent-free. Snakes are just looking for rodents. Rodents attract snakes.

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