Walker Hayes begs for reckless love in his new song, "Trash My Heart." The light and breezy number finds the singer comparing his heart to a hotel room that he's willing to let a one-time love wreck.

Hayes makes topical references to the Holiday Inn, continental breakfasts, mini-bars and room service in this swagger-filled tune, painting an image in the listener's mind of ruined TVs and lipstick stains on pillow cases. He brings his words to life in a quirky music video, too, that finds him trying to entertain himself inside a quaint, retro hotel room.

What starts as a chill night in, with Hayes sitting on the bed flipping through a magazine, quickly escalates to him tossing his clothes around the room and a towel over the shutters. He later makes an attempt at juggling tissues and jumping on the bed with a wall mirror in hand, then resorts to doing a headstand in the middle of the mattress.

Hayes gets especially creative as he bounces on the bed without tipping over a glass of water, celebrating the success with a mini-dance party. He finally tuckers himself out, ending the video by kicking off his shoes, propping himself up with his back against the headboard.

“I’m usually the guy that likes to get real deep and introspective with my songs, but this song is just all about fun," Hayes says of the song he co-wrote with Matt Jenkins, Josh Jenkins, Josh Osborne and Jimmy Robbins. "I want every line of this song to make you smile. I want every line to make you want to dance!”

"Trash My Heart" follows Hayes plaintive 2019 single, "Don't Let Her." He will host a virtual release party for the track on Instagram on Wednesday (April 29).

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