No one panic, but yes, one of the four Walmart locations in Longview has closed their doors just temporarily. It's the Walmart location on 4th Street in Longview that has everyone talking today, as this is the store that is closed until 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

The reason for the store closing according to Walmart on Facebook is because the store will be working on additional cleaning, sanitizing, and stocking. There hasn't been any mention of a COVID outbreak, just that cleaning and sanitizing will take place.

The Walmart Store in Longview Closing Temporarily is a Hot Topic

The details were shared just a few hours ago on social media and it has been shared over 450+ times. Obviously, everyone loves the rollback prices so they want to share the information with their friends and family. But the good news is that with so many Walmart stores in Longview everyone can still get the groceries and supplies they need.

Most People on Social Media Expect Things to be Different When Walmart Opens Again

With all the attention this post was getting online there were people that believe there is another reason for the store closing, that is to raise prices. We have no clue on whether prices on your favorite items would be increasing but that would be difficult as the other Walmart stores in Longview would have to follow those price increases as well. I'm sure if we see prices going up there will be keyboard warriors that will let us know about it.

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