Walmart is taking convenience to a new level. First they offer to shop for us, and all we have to do is drive over to pick it up, but now they want to place the groceries into your home.

If this seems invasive, just wait. It's in connection with a home security system, called August Home. According to Business Insider, they are rolling this out to their customers who have opted-in initially.

Someone shops for you, and someone else gets a one-time use passcode to enter your home, drop off packages, and put groceries into your fridge. Walmart is taking it to the next level with this one.

"What might seem novel today could be the standard tomorrow," Eddleston told BI. "This may not be for everyone — and certainly not right away — but we want to offer customers the opportunity to participate in tests today and help us shape what commerce will look like in the future."

What do you think? Would you take advantage of this service?

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