Do you ever one of those moments where you kinda "wake up" and realize you've been going through your days on auto-pilot? We are so busy and in order to move forward as efficiently as possible, we tend to set our schedules and many of our days feel quite the same. It's like being stuck on a life repeat.

Every now and then, it's a good idea to broaden our horizons a bit and frankly, just think some new thoughts. However, it can be a challenge when you're stuck doing many of the same things day after day after day. So maybe we can't take off on a round the world adventure right now so the idea of adding some different aspects to our life seems un-doable. That's yet, one more reason, I love to read. It's the easiest, most cost-effective way to expand your intellectual horizons.

Best things to read? Well, it could be anything really. I love non-fiction. I'm a bit of a knowledge junkie. So I read books on history, sociology or anthropology, philosophy, architecture, you name it. That's no reason to discount fiction, though. Some people downplay fiction, but reading fiction is still a great way to explore human thoughts and situations. Sci-fi and fantasy are great for the imagination--it all works together. In fact, I've been thinking I need to read a bit more fiction, actually.

The key is to start reading. The more you read, the more you'll enjoy it, I promise. If you've not read in awhile, give yourself about ten minutes before you give up. But, I'd encourage not to give up. It takes our brains a bit of time to quiet down and immerse ourselves into what we're reading.

On top of all of this, even if the actual act of reading is unpleasant to you, you can download an audio book and explore new worlds even as you take a walk, cook dinner, or even shop.

I think you'll find it to be not only a great way to get some new thoughts, but a sincerely fun past time, as well.

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