Okay - I love the Olympics and I've been watching! But I have to admit - the opening ceremonies last Friday just sucked! But there was one redeeming part - the new James Bond girl - the Queen of England. 

For many spectators around the world, it was the queen who stole the show during the opening ceremony when she "jumped" from a plane with current James Bond, sexy Daniel Craig.

But of course we know it wasn't really Queen Elizabeth, but a stunt double. That stunt double was Gary Connery. Yea, not a woman stunt double, but a man. So Greg had to, you guessed it, dress up like the Queen. Gary Connery,  dressed in a pink dressed that sparkled and a white wig, took the leap!

Gary Connery test-jumped over an airfield and then over the Olympic Stadium. of course the rehearsals were done in secrecy (this is 007 after all) .

Check out the video starting at 1:46!

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