I was searching through Youtube and found this gem of a video taken in Longview in what appears to be 1939 and 1940.

Unfortunately, there is no sound so it could be tasking to watch in silence but it does show a couple of parades through downtown Longview in 1939 and 1940. It does name some people that were featured in the parade. Do you know these people or are related to those families? Do you recognize any landmarks?

The video is credited to have been loaded by Todd Bates in 2013 and, at the end, the video is credited to have been shot by Holly M. Lawrence, Jr.

This is so fascinating to me to get to see a glimpse of life in a portion of East Texas in the past. Not much is known of this video, hence the many questions. But if you can give some feedback to the landmarks or the people featured in the video, we would certainly love to hear your story.

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