I love me some frozen pizza. Totino's in particular. You pick up a four pack of these bad boys, a package of pepperonis, mozzarella cheese and other toppings to fix 'em up and your set. However, with everyone in quarantine, we're seeing a shortage of them thanks to hoarders.

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Yeah, the frozen pizza is going the way of toilet paper and limits are being set for their purchase according to fox4news.com. Why? Well, they're good for one. Two, they're easy to make. Three, if you get them like I do, you can bring the kids in and they can make them how they want. Some quick and easy family fun.

According to adweek.com, last month, Americans spent $275 million dollars on frozen pizza. That's a lot of (pun intended) dough. Stores have been having a hard time keeping up and have even had to set limits on how many can be purchased.

We know they're good and a quick and easy meal but please don't hoard frozen pizzas.

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