Over the last five to six years, people have shown their frustration with high cable and satellite TV bills by "cutting the cord" and subscribing to online streaming services to get their daily dose of entertainment. I mean, you might be a couple of episodes behind but you can watch when want. It is a lot more convenient.

TV networks saw this and began teaming up with the likes of Hulu and Netflix to provide their shows to the service for people to binge watch. The networks even developed their own apps to stream their shows on. It's built up enough that now Youtube, PlayStation and Amazon developed their own streaming platforms.

CBS has a paid service that offers all their network shows and some original content, like a new Star Trek series, and soon, the return of Jean-Luc Picard. As much of a fan of Star Trek as I am, this alone doesn't entice me to subscribe, though.

Even entertainment juggernaut Disney has jumped onto the streaming bandwagon and will launch their own streaming service in November, Disney+. I will subscribe to Disney+ when it becomes available. The fact that we'll have all of the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more content available is a, pun intended, plus for me. Disney will even offer a package that'll give you Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for the same price as Netflix according to inc.com.

Holy crap. It's becoming almost as much as cable to subscribe to all the various streaming services now. In a way, we're getting saturated with streaming services and we won't be able to keep up with our entertainment options.


It's now a bigger decision to "cut the cord" because it may not save the money that used to. So how do you decide what services to put your money into? Is it specific content? Is it just the variety of shows to watch? Is it price? Do you even care?

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