A Shocking Docuseries About A Story That Rocked East Texas Almost Two Decades Ago Has Debuted That Has Sparked A Different Examination Into What Actually Happened.

Mineola, Texas to me, is the quiet town where I catch the daily Texas Eagle Amtrak train out of East Texas to Dallas Or Chicago. What I didn't know was that back in the early 2000s, Mineola was in the headlines for something more sinister and a new docuseries explains what happened.


"How To Create A Sex Scandal" details the accusations, the following trials and the aftermath the case left on the East Texas community.

According to Texas Monthly, from 2005 to 2008, four Tyler children, three siblings and their aunt, all aged 4 through 7, made allegations that in 2004 seven adults, including their parents, had forced them to attend a sex kindergarten in a trailer park, where they learned to play sex games, and then took them to a swingers club in nearby Mineola, where they performed sex acts on stage in front of crowds of as many as 30 adults, who videotaped the shows.


But There Were Questions About The Allegations From The Beginning.

The accusations were inconsistent and there was a lack of physical evidence but that didn't stop a jury and the Smith County Justice System from convicting several people.

Six people were convicted, two of the four people sentenced to life in prison in the scandal had their convictions overturned by a Texas appeals court, and the accusations became highly scrutinized over the years due to a lack of evidence beyond the children’s testimonies of what happened.


In fact, Wood County, where Mineola is located, did its own investigation and found no evidence but things got crazy when Smith County got involved.

The reason the series is titled "How To CREATE A Sex Scandal" implies that the Smith County DA's office which took over the case and the ensuring trials, "created" this situation. Its alleged that the Smith County District Attorney’s Office lied, suppressed and/or withheld evidence in the case and the docuseries plans to tell all.

All 3 episodes are currently airing on the MAX (formerly HBO Max) steaming service right now.

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