I Watched The First Episode Of "The Lesson Is Murder" And I Was Bored Out Of My Mind.

By now you're very familiar with the horrific story of William Davis, a former East Texas nurse who was found guilty in 2021 of murdering patients during his time working at a Tyler heart hospital. He currently sits on Death Row awaiting execution for his crimes. There's a new "docu-series" on Hulu that attempts to shed light on the story and provide new details but to be honest with you, you'll find the episode infuriating to watch for a number of reasons.

“The Lesson Is Murder” follows a team of graduate students and psychological criminologist and ex-FBI agent Dr. Bryanna Fox, as they study convicted murderers to try to answer a central question: Why did this killer kill?

Dr. Fox (who is the lead on the show) has studied criminology for 15 years, focusing on psychological and developmental criminology to explain why people become offenders. She is also a professor at the University of South Florida. Fox created a class on how forensics are actually handled during investigations, and people’s interest in the lectures inspired “The Lesson is Murder.”

The First Episode Of The Series Covers Davis' Actions.

William George Davis - Smith County Jail
William George Davis - Smith County Jail

I was curious to learn more about this case so I decided to tune in and while there are moments of interest including Fox's one on one interview with Davis from Death Row where he revealed that he allegedly killed an elderly woman before he went on his killing spree in a Tyler hospital (something Tyler PD investigators didn't find out about until after his trial and have now reopened an investigation into that case), the show is slow and boring and doesn't really reveal anything that we didn't already know.


They dive into his background growing up and what lead him to commit these heinous acts towards innocent people but in the end you'll find yourself learning nothing really "new" to be honest and the infuriating part is this quest for "closure". Closure in my opinion is "overrated" because it won't bring back those lives he took and rehashing these horrible memories for the victims families just so we can try to "understand" this psycho is upsetting enough as it is.

REAL closure for the victim's families will surely come when Davis is put to death.

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