When moving, we often check the crime statistics to to see if where we're thinking about moving to is a safe community. Unfortunately, not all Texas towns are created equal. According to the site Home Security Sheild, who ran the numbers from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, they've come up with the twenty most dangerous cities to live in in Texas. The site took into account the figures from FBI along with other crime statistics like violent crimes, property crimes and other reported crimes.

Of course, the list will stir up some controversy, especially from the residents of these towns, one of which is located in East Texas! Here are the top five most dangerous cities in Texas.

  • 1

    Weslaco, TX

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  • 2

    Texarkana, TX

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  • 3

    Lufkin, TX

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  • 4

    Edinburg, TX

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  • 5

    San Antonio, TX

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