It's wet and rainy outside right now, which got me thinking about romantic movies. Let's face it, girls. When it's raining outside, all we want to do is cuddle, eat junk food, and watch sappy chick flicks. Which also made me wonder ... What is the most romantic movie of all-time?

There are the classics, such as Casablanca and Gone With the Wind. Then the 1980s and '90s romantic flicks, like Sleepless and Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Titanic and Pretty Woman. And you have the popular choices of today, such as The Notebook ... Or basically any movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.

But, which movie is actually the most romantic of all-time?

Personally, I absolutely love A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore. I cry every single time. But I want to know what you think!

Check out a few of our favorite scenes from romantic movies over the years, and then cast your vote in the poll below.

Gone With the Wind

When Harry Met Sally

The Notebook

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