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Is what you gave up for Lent on our Top 15 list?

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Well it's the First Friday of Lent so here we go Long John Silvers, it's your time to shine! LOL

It's with that in mind that we have to ask... what did you give up for Lent for 40 days and how is it going?

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You are welcome to reach out to us on the station apps and let us know if you'd like us to shout out to you for encouragement! 

Lots of folks struggle with New Year's Resolution and many struggle during Lent too. In fact, we found the Top 15 Things people find the hardest to give up for 40 consecutive days!

Without looking at the list, take a guess. What do think people struggle with giving up the most?

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Before we get to this list, there is another alternative! Yep there is another way! LOL

Rather than giving up something for Lent, it's also thoughtful and considered appropriate to TAKE SOMETHING UP DURING LENT too!

Reading more, spending more time with family, more giving...the list is endless.

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Spending more time in prayer, volunteering, reading more, spending more time with family, writing, journaling, creating a list of things you are grateful for daily is a huge boost for anyone wanting to make positive change in their lives.

The list is endless!


Did you pick something to give up on our Top 15 List? We just want to say good luck to you and we've got your back! You can do this! You got this! One day at a time!

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