There are many locations around us including outside of Dallas, Austin and Houston. We always seem to discuss what restaurants or grocery store we want next in Tyler, but I think we need something else. The new business that I am convinced we need in Tyler is a smash room.

I have to admit that I've never visited a smash room personally but after the past two years we've dealt with we could all use a new and fun way of relieving stress. Obviously, this is not a way to actually deal with any real issues in your life but I know that going to the gun range can be a great stress reliever so why not mix it up and try a smash room.

Are Smash Rooms Safe?

Again, I've never visited a smash room but I've had many friends that really enjoy them. Before entering that smash room most invite you to put on safety gear including goggles and gloves to make sure you don't injure yourself. It's your chance to channel any aggression you might have in a very controlled environment.

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Why Do We Need a Smash Room in East Texas?

All over social media there are so many people complaining about small annoyances, this might be great to help move past those things. Also, there are lots of parents in East Texas that say there aren't enough things for teens to do, this would help that problem too.

If you've been thinking of a business idea for here in East Texas feel free to steal this one, just make sure to invite me to your grand opening so I can break something with you.

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