When most people need just a few things from the store, they go to Walmart. But constantly running back and forth to Walmart can get expensive. I would know. Well, my naive self just recently discovered that most things I need I can buy at the dollar store. Around here we have a variety of them (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family  Dollar, etc.).I have found that I can get just about everything I need for a much lower price. However there are somethings you definitely don't want to buy there.

Things You Should Buy:

- Party Supplies

- Reading Glasses

- Socks

- Name Brand Make-Up

- Name Brand Cleaners

- Name Brand Shampoos/Body Wash

- Trash Bags

- Candy

- Grooming Supplies (hairbands, brushes, etc.)

- Containers

Things You Shouldn't Buy:

- Batteries

- Medicines/Vitamins

- Paper Products

- Knives

- School Supplies

- Pet Food

- Power Cords/Strips

- Drinks

- Toys

- Dish Towels

Some stores even have home decor, gift ideas, clothes, shoes, and more. A lot of these things are the items you would find at a name brand department store, but cheaper! It is definitely worth the savings you get.

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