We all know that in East Texas there are a few businesses that are untouchable, they are iconic, and if you don't love them you are kindly asked to leave the state. Okay, maybe it doesn't go that far but I really don't know anyone who doesn't like Whataburger, Buc-ee's or HEB. These businesses are so loved that they have social media pages dedicated to their most extreme fans, which is where I saw this incredible Whataburger Christmas tree.

It's one thing to enjoy their food, but when you make it the theme of your Christmas tree that is taking it to the next level. You might call me crazy, but I totally understand why they would choose to do this. It's something that no one else will do and let's just be honest Whataburger puts out a great product.

The Real Question I Want to Know About the Whataburger Christmas Tree

While I completely understand wanting to have a Whataburger themed Christmas tree, how in the world did the guy behind this idea convince his wife to let him do this? The idea alone sounds like something that would come after a few tall boys around a bonfire.

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But Look at How Nice the Whataburger Tree Looks

While I would think a guy thought up the idea, there is no way a guy is going to make a Christmas tree look that perfect. There was a woman's touch behind perfectly placing all of the decorations on this tree. Whatever made this happen, I'm impressed. It looks really good!

Noe Gasca
Noe Gasca

If you were to ever decorate your Christmas tree with the theme of a business which one would you choose?

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