A mysterious red cooler has been sulking on the corner of 50th & Slide street for about a week now.


Well...because...that's exactly where all the random red coolers hang out in Lubbock. It doesn't look like it's been moved, aside from the lid cracked open like someone tried to take a quick peek inside.

At the rate things are going, the cooler will still be there this summer. That gives you plenty of time to check it out for yourself. Top-notch Lubbock entertainment.

JJ Howell
JJ Howell

Right now, we're all just driving by it, glancing over at it, and then driving away. It's not my responsibility to find a more suitable place for it and I suppose it isn't yours either. That's kind of how things work around here, huh?


So, what's inside this mysterious red cooler?

You may have wondered about it on your daily commute.

You may not have noticed it at all.

You may even go out of your way to see it now...

Luckily, one of my friends is a total weirdo and decided to go out of their way and take a closer look. It's full of what might be the last thing you would expect to find in a cooler. There are no cokes or picnic foods on ice in this cooler.


It's filled with more questions than answers.

JJ Howell
JJ Howell

The mysterious red cooler at the corner of 50th & Slide is full of what appear to be rocks and broken chunks of concrete. Don't ask me why they are in there or what might be hidden beneath them...

I'm not brave enough to find out, but if you are, let me know.

This entire scenario and our casual, nonchalant attitude toward what is out-of-place and far from the norm tend to make me wonder if the best place to hide the evidence of my crimes is out in the open...

Maybe even inside a red cooler at 50th & Slide in Lubbock, Texas

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