So you've seen kitten yoga on youtube, and thought it looked like fun, but you weren't sure where to find it... we've got you.

Mark your calendar for March 30. Join Fly & Love: Yoga Lounge's Meet the Kittens event. This event will feature seven kittens in their first official yoga class. The kittens will be eight weeks old. Never seen cat yoga before?

Check out US Weekly's experience in the video. It's not your typical quiet zen-like yoga class. Fly & Love: Yoga Lounge offers aerial yoga. Fabric swings are used to support yoga postures. The workouts are fun and unusual. Plus, they are fun to document and share. I have attended a couple of private sessions there, and enjoyed immensely.

The fabric swings allow you to invert much easier than on the floor, and give you a great abdominal workout in the process. I'm wondering if the kittens will also play in the swings.

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