If you know me at all, you know that I love cats. I love dogs, too. Always have. As a matter of fact, I just love animals, generally-speaking. However, in the last few years I grown particularly fond of cats.

There's something about their occasional non-chalant, but usually loving companionship that I've found to be sincerely emotionally healing. Coming home to see your quiet companion calmly waiting for you (unless they're really hungry) can be a peaceful way to end your day.

I've heard some people who tell me they don't really like cats, that they had one bad experience with their mean Aunt Flo's cat, Killer, and thus decided all cats must be made of darkness. ;) Don't let one experience with a cat, or any animal for that matter, skew your perspective of an entire species.

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Their personalities are all so different. In fact, one of my cats is almost more like a puppy. If I'm in the kitchen, he's in the kitchen. He follows me about like my little shadow. He's quite jaunty and playful.

My other cat is like a princess. She's quiet, unless she's in a playful mood. She's very elegant and though affectionate, will never force herself in your way. I adore that they're so different and I love them both so much.

Even if you are a dedicated dog-lover, there are many cats who make for great companions for dogs, too. (Depending on the cat...and the dog, for that matter.) Why not consider adding one of these delightful/funny/calming/curious creatures to your life?

Now is a great time to do it. Waking up on Christmas morning to discover a new feline friend is a delightful experience. Not to mention, you're making your new kitty's Christmas by giving them a "furever" home, too!

Check with your local vets, the SPCA of East Texas, Pets Fur People, and even online. We need to find forever homes for many adorable kittens and cats who want to come home with their new loving guardian. Ready to meet some contenders? Meet the cats waiting for you now at the SPCA of East Texas here.

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