This Saturday (Feb. 22) is National Margarita Day! Don't waste this good excuse to go out on the town. You can't think of any excuse not to have a drink, huh? Well, here are the top five places to go grab that 'rita in Tyler.

There is no shortage of great places to grab a great margarita to celebrate this glorious holiday here in Tyler. But, these are the best places to sit back and enjoy one on any budget.

1. Don Juan's

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If you have never tried a margarita from Don Juan's, you have been wasting your time. Their simple, yet elegant, recipe for this power drink will have you falling in love with one of Tyler's best places to pick up some Mexican food. So, head on down to downtown Tyler and grab yourself a tasty treat.

2. Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ

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I know what you are thinking. What does a BBQ joint know about margaritas? This BBQ joint knows a lot, so much so it will surprise you. Do yourself a favor and head over there and get their special 'rita. They have jalapeno margaritas, one called a "Big Ass Rita" and a house 'rita that will blow you away. Take this celebration to Stanley's, and you will be happy you did.

3. Juls

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Have you been out to visit Juls yet? Well, here is the perfect time to go see what this new addition to Tyler is all about. With highly trained and knowledegable bartenders, this place is unable to leave you unsatisfied with your margarita to celebrate this national holiday. I promise, you'll want more than just one of their 'ritas.

4. Rusty Taco

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Though this may not be the classiest of places in Tyler to have a drink, Rusty Taco should not be left behind. They have VERY powerful margaritas served up with their delicious and cheap tacos. Don't believe me? Try one, you will be able to celebrate and save a bit of money if you make it in before their happy hours is over.

5. Fuzzy's Tacos

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Fuzzy's Tacos have more variety in margarita choices than you would think possible. They have two different base flavors for your 'rita and then they have endless beer options to make beer ritas with. Their Fuzzy Moon is especially tasty. Go in and try one, you will be delighted you came.

There you go, folks. Now you can celebrate National Margarita Day with full force. Make sure that you celebrate safely, though. Margarita driving is something no one should tempt fate with. Call a cab or have a sober friend drive. Have fun and drink one!