Robert Pattinson may not be your first choice for the caped crusader, but hear me out on why I think this is a good idea.

When I first read that Robert Pattinson had been cast as Batman, I got chills.

First of all, he hasn't been in a major blockbuster film for several years. He's been working on small independent projects and garnering praise for his work in the process.

As a fan of both the Twilight Saga and Christopher Nolan's take on Batman, I'm excited to see this casting. I loved watching Christian Bale become the Dark Knight in Batman Begins. I thought he was well cast as the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, turned caped crusader by night.

With Pattinson, I adored him in Twilight. I remember not understanding all the hype about him, before watching the film and subsequently reading Stephenie Meyer's novel. Once I watched the film, I was all in. I mean all in. I read anything I could find on the internet about Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson.

When you compare his role as Edward Cullen to Bruce Wayne, they have a lot of similarities. Edward was orphaned at 18 and subsequently turned into a vampire who never thought he would find love. Then he falls in love somewhat tragically with a human.

Bruce Wayne is also orphaned and turns his attention to vengeance following their murder. He is wealthy, powerful and known for his philanthropy.

Twilight enthusiasts would tell you Edward Cullen in his early years sought vengeance and only attacked humans who were evil, before deciding to live his 'vegetarian vampire' lifestyle hunting animals only.

Both characters are orphans who have immense wealth, status, power and are incomparably attractive. While DC comics enthusiasts may not get this casting, I feel confident I'm not the only Twilight fan who is beyond excited!

Also, Rob was not the fans first choice for Edward Cullen either. That casting received a great deal of criticism as well. All in all, that turned out well for him - as I expect this will, too.

Summer 2021 can't get here fast enough. I'll be following this film's progress!

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