If you love wine and you love rhinos you are going to flip over this Fredericksburg, TX winery. They've got something for winos and for folks who love rhinos, and it's not even all that far from Tyler, TX, guys.

Listen, I never thought this pairing would happen, but, hey, Pete Davidson and every major female celebrity is happening, so it's not that crazy. No offense, Pete.

It's called The Rhinory, and as the name suggests it let's folks combine their love of wine with their love of wildlife conservation.

And if you haven't heard of The Rhinory before it's because it just opened its doors this summer. Co-owner Craig Stevens tells KXAN that they were looking for something to separate their winery from the dozens of others in the Hill Country.

“Every time you go up and down the highway, there is something new,” said Craig Stevens, co-owner of the winery. I was like, ‘OK, I like wine, I love wineries, I love rhino conservation,’ so we really put those two ideas together."

So next time you're in the area you've got to make it a point to stop in the Rhinory and meet Blake, the Southern White Rhino. In fact you may even be able to feed Blake his dinner.

According to their website:

We have a special area where you will be able to get up close and personal with a rhino. The rhinokeeper will escort you and guide you through the experience where you will learn more about this rhino and potentially get the opportunity to feed it. All revenue from the experience will go to the International Rhino Foundation to further rhino conservation worldwide.

Get more information on the Rhinory here.

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