Meth is a hell of a drug. Literally. Authorities are investigating video footage of a woman that taped herself smoking the drug before shooting and killing her two kids.

The drama unfolded in Fresno, Calif., after 23-year-old Aide Mendez got into an apparent argument with the children's father, Eduardo Lopez.

Aide used her iPad to video herself and other family members doing the meth. Moments later, concerned neighbors called police to report Lopez outside of the home with a knife and multiple gunshot wounds. The shots that were heard in the complex were the ones that killed Mendez, her cousin, and her two young children, 17 month-old Aliyah Echeverria and 3 year old Isaiah Echeverria. Authorities report that the children and the mother were all found in the bathroom of the home.  Police homicide commander, Lt. Mark Salazar stated:

"We do know that drugs played a key role, but we don't know to what extent. She was seen prior to the shooting smoking methamphetamine. She recorded herself on an iPad showing her and Paul Medina smoking meth. We know the power of meth."

"Her actions just seemed bizarre; her mannerism, the way she was moving her hands and her facial expressions."

Authorities are still not quite sure if other drugs played a factor in the murder-suicide or not at this time. It will be weeks before complete toxicology reports will be available. A general motive is still under investigation for the murders, but family members are saying that Mendez was still upset over a baby she lost several years prior.

From the home of the family, police found 10 grams of meth, several thounsand dollars in all cash, and guns.

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