Heads up, Buc-ee's lovers! The smallest Buc-ee's location in the world has re-opened out West near Sanderson, Texas.

Well, perhaps one should put 're-opened' in quotation marks. It's not actually a store where one can go in and get all of those yummy breakfast tacos and Beaver Nuggets and Buc-ee's plush toys and whatnot. (But wouldn't be it great if it was?) 

Well, I think it would be. The way my weird brain works? I'm imagining it as a mini-location where the West Texas wildlife can take a respite from all of their scavenging and do a little shopping. (Tell me that's not one of the most adorable things that could ever happen?) 

OK, back to reality. So what's the deal with the 'world's smallest Buc-ee's location?

Well, actually the only thing that makes this anything akin to a Buc-ee's is that iconic red, white, and yellow sign with that smiling icon that beckons in travelers all over the world. Sadly, there are no beaver nuggets or famously clean restrooms.

But is this not a great photo opp?

Here's the deal. Last year this tiny 'Buc-ee's,' which is actually an art installation made out of cinder block, appeared close to the town of Sanderson, Texas, along US 90, according to a report from ABC13. But then, it seemed to disappear much to the consternation of Buc-ee's lovers everywhere.

But then...

Last Friday on the Visit Sanderson, Texas Instagram page, a contributor posted this photo with the caption:

"Somebody is backkkk.... Welcome back Sanderson Buc-ee's, it's good to have you home."

Photo credit: Rep. Brooks Landgraf DK
Photo credit: Rep. Brooks Landgraf DK

Love it. Although...I still want them to sell tiny Beaver Nuggets to nearby prairie dogs who need a snack.

Ladies & Gentlemen, The World's SMALLEST Buc-ee's is Just So Cute

The new tourist spot can be found in Marfa, a small desert city in west Texas, is known as an arts hub. The art installation, remember the famous Marfa Prada installation, it's kinda like that, has popped up on the side of Sanderson Highway.

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