Finally! The moment so many Tyler, Texas residents have been waiting for is coming soon. The grand opening of the gorgeous new W.T. Brookshire Conference Center is coming up on April 13.

Although many of us who grew up in East Texas felt some sentimental pangs regarding the teardown of Harvey Hall Convention Center. However, as we have seen the plans and subsequent construction of the beautiful Rose City Complex we have to look forward to, some of the pangs have turned to happy anticipation. Especially as we have been hearing about the green spaces and food truck areas that are planned.

Seriously y'all--this place is going to be gorgeous. But even more importantly than that, Tyler has been in need of a more modern conference place in East Texas.

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If you missed the initial video shared by the City of Tyler a couple of years ago, you can get caught up now.

Here's the link to that initial post we shared in June of 2021.

OK, now that you're as excited as the rest of us, make a note or tell Siri to remind you that the grand opening of the brand new W.T. Brookshire Conference Center in the Tyler Rose Complex is April 13, from 6:30 until 8:00 p.m. The ribbon cutting will commence at 6:45 p.m. The event is free and totally open to the public. And better yet? Attendees will be able to tour the new facility.

The City of Tyler will be sharing more details in the near future. Keep updated by following the Facebook page.

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