Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Xfinity gave the whole country a major shot of nostalgia. Watching it for the first time, I had several tears well up. I think it was just the happiness of going back to one of my favorite movies ever.

This time, we had a grown up Elliot, with his family, getting to see E.T. again. So yes, a four minute E.T. The Extraterrestrial 2 and I'm all about it.

Sure, it's a shameless ploy to tug at our childhood hearts to drum up some business. But how could we not watch it, find it on Youtube and watch it over and over again.

We got a ton of callbacks to the original film, including that great music, and even some new stuff. E.T. has a family on his planet. After his almost deathly experience his first time on Earth, seeing his family brings a huge smile to my face.

It's so great to see Elliot's kids get to enjoy a flying bike ride in front of a full moon just like he did. Yeah, I'm the nostalgia homer when it comes to this commercial but it's so great. We basically got the long awaited sequel we've wanted and we all love it.

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