I guess my fishing days are behind me.

My dad lived for fishing. This meant many trips to the lake or river. I loved all the fake baits and lures and casting a line, well that was a whole other level. I'm putting this out there to let you know I'm not completely ignorant about fishing...but apparently, I'm ignorant about fishing in Texas.

Imagine if you will, my appearance on Who Want's To Be A Millionaire and the question is, "What Is The Most Popular Fish In Texas?".  Well, if one of the dummy answers is "Catfish" then I would lose all the money. I would have bet my bottom dollar that catfish ruled the roost, er lakes, in Texas.

I'll go one better, I would have seriously considered "Gar" an acceptable answer too. I certainly hear people complain enough about Alligator Gar to think it might come out on top (even though most people hate the nasty, mean things).

By now you real fisherman know the answer and that's Bass. I don't know why but it was stuck in my brain that bass were a "somewhere else" kind of thing.  Of course, there are a variety of bass, but bass rank number one.

Coming in at number two is my guess, catfish, and coming in third are panfish like crappie and bluegill.  These are all, of course, freshwater fish, because the ocean is a big place and who knows what you're doing down there on the coast.

Anyways, happy fishing this summer!

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