Now that Michigan health officials asked families to limit gatherings over the holidays, Zoom might be our best bet for a family dinner.

This Thanksgiving my family made the tough decision that many responsible families in Michigan are making. We have cancelled our normal Thanksgiving gathering due to the risk of someone getting Covid. We would have had at least four different households in one place, and we all decided it was not worth the risk.

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Families in Michigan, and throughout the entire country are facing the same tough decision for the holidays this year. That's why it's so cool that a big company like Zoom has stepped in to help. Zoom has been one of the real winners of the Coronavirus pandemic. Before 2020, most people had probably never heard of Zoom, and now it's a word we use daily.

Zoom announced that they would be getting rid of their 40 minute meeting time limit for free accounts on Thanksgiving. This way, families can put a tablet or laptop at the table, and connect with the rest of their family.

I know not everyone will take advantage of this, but for anyone that has done a family zoom meeting, this is a relief. Normally when you jump on a Zoom call, you know that time is limited, so you feel forced to make the conversation happen. This is not how real life works when you are face to face, especially at a holiday gathering. This way, you can log on and go about your business. Talking to people on the other end because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

Setting up a free Zoom account is really easy, and hopefully it will help  more families make the decision to stay home this year.


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