While still in decent shape in Texas, our nation's economy is still in a weird place. Jobs are available but aren't paying what they should. Because of the rise in prices for stuff that is needed to run businesses, we, the consumers, are having to pay more for everyday items. That is causing many families to penny pinch where they can so they don't fall behind on everything else. It is tough right now. This weird economic situation is also causing many people to get out of the overly expensive big cities and moving into smaller towns to help make ends meet. This is probably some of the cause of this latest study showing the "10 Fastest Declining Cities in Texas."

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Recent Study

A new study looked at cities with populations over 200,000 people between the years of 2019 and 2022. This study looked at specific factors like population growth or decline, percentage that are unemployed, average income, vacant homes and resident's debt. All these numbers were calculated and found that, in total, 117 cities in the United States had a high rank of decline over those three years.

In Texas, 10 cities made the list:

  1. Corpus Christi
  2. Laredo
  3. San Antonio
  4. Lubbock
  5. Houston
  6. El Paso
  7. Dallas
  8. Plano
  9. Arlington
  10. Fort Worth

Various Negative Numbers

All of these cities had a population decline except for Lubbock, Plano and Fort Worth. Lubbock had the most vacant homes in the area and a decline in home values overall. Houston had a negative change in per capita income. Dallas had the biggest population decline of all the cities in the Top 10 list above.

On the flip side of this study, it showed that the fastest growing city in the U.S. is Frisco, Texas.

East Texas Growth

Since this study was just for cities with populations above 200,000, no cities in East Texas were listed. That doesn't mean we are not seeing the growth in our area. In both Tyler and Longview, it takes just an afternoon drive down its busiest streets to see the amount of people that are moving here. Look at the license plates, too, and you'll see they're coming from all across the country.

Check out the study at financebuzz.com to go even deeper into their findings.

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