Things are a little different in Texas, but most people that choose to live in the Lone Star State like it that way. People in Texas are proud of where they live and can often be proud of their sayings and vocabulary even if it’s not the same as you might hear in other parts of the country. Living in Texas is a true blessing but there are some things that are said quite often, and you need to understand what they mean.  

Beyond just the words that are being said sometimes it’s the tone in which things are said which can truly change the meaning. Most sayings that you will see on the list below are very friendly, but you need to watch out with a few of them because you could be flirting with disaster, you will understand more of what I am talking about when we get into the actual sayings described below.  

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You Don’t Have to Use the Words Just Understand Them 

Many of the words or phrases you see below might be a little strange to say if you’re not used to saying them, but when you’re dealing with Texans, for the most part you’re going to find southern hospitality. So, if you hear something you don’t understand, ask them what it means. Most will appreciate that you want to learn. 

Let’s Find Out These Sayings That You Should Probably Know 

If you find yourself in Texas or talking to a group of people from Texas, you can expect to hear some if not all of these sayings. Here is a look at the sayings, and what they mean.  

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