Everyone knows that the real estate market is hot right now, it seems like buying a home is just difficult. If you do find something that you like the price is high right now. When you add on the fact that finding any piece of property that is reasonably prices is snatched up quickly, it makes it difficult for people to find a place to live. And when you start looking at affordable properties in Dallas, Texas you have to be willing to fix them up a bit.

Living in the Dallas or Fort Worth area is more expensive than other parts of the state but I was shocked to see what you get when looking for affordable property in the Metroplex area. If you are able to find anything, the property needs lots of work such as this place at 4638 Country Creek Dr. Apt #1247 in Dallas, TX 75236. While I realize it has an apartment number the listing is being sold as-is for any investor who might want to purchase the place.

It's Going to Need a Lot of Work

It won't take long for you to look at the pictures below and realize this property might be affordable, but it needs some major work done to clean it up. It's clear that previous occupants didn't exactly take care of this property as seen in the photo with some of the ceiling and insulation falling down.

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There Is Some Good News About This Property

If an investor does work on this one bedroom and one bathroom property to get it cleaned up there is some upside including the price tag is only $106,999. For the DFW area that is incredible, and if you're willing to do the work you could drastically increase the value of this home. But it's going to take a lot of time and effort to get this inexpensive property set up as an investment for years to come. Check out the photos for yourself.

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