A new study shared on a home service website claims to reveal the 6 friendliest neighborhoods in Texas--to be even more specific--in larger Texas cities.

Hey, we know all about friendly neighborhoods here in Longview and Tyler, Texas--and honestly throughout the state. I mean, heck, the word 'Texas' itself allegedly comes from the Caddo word 'Tejas,' which is said to mean 'friendship.' Some sources challenge that these days, but that's a different story. 

And again, this study was focused on the friendliest neighborhoods in larger cities.

A website called AllStarHome.com did a study and did a bit of research on Zillow to get the information they were seeking.

According to a post on the site, they "conducted a study to determine which American cities are the friendliest.

We compiled a list of popular neighborhoods across the United States based on the 200 most-viewed city neighborhoods on Zillow in 2022. Then we analyzed nearly 150K Google reviews from the past year for businesses in those neighborhoods."

They said they then used the percentage of reviews that contained the word 'friendly' to get an idea of how 'friendly' each neighborhood may be.

A list of the 20 'friendliest' neighborhoods in America was posted on the site--SIX of those were in Texas. Here's a look at who made the list:

Study Claims These are the 6 Friendliest Neighborhoods in Larger Texas Cities

A new study shared on this home service website claims to reveal the 6 friendliest neighborhoods in larger Texas cities.

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

Take a look at more specific data, if you're interested, here.

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